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painted dome - click for details Ryan's Bar and Restaurant is situated in the city centre of Edinburgh and initially our brief was to design and paint murals in the ground floor bar area.
Our client, inspired by fifteenth century painted dome ceilings he had seen in Verona, built five very large ceilings, which we were then commissioned to design and paint. We based the design on sketches made from photographs of the Italian ceilings.

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So delighted was our client with the result of our work in the bar, that he asked us to also design and paint the downstairs restaurant area. The eating areas were to be in seven alcoves and this is where we decided to base most of the hand-painted murals.
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Our client left the subject theme to us, so we decided to model our designs on world ceramics and plant life. We chose Egypt, Greece, China, Italy, South America, India and Africa as our source regions as we love the ceramics from these areas. The photographs show parts of the African, Chinese, Indian, South American and Greek alcoves.
Ryan's was a very large commission and we had a tight opening deadline. Due to this it was necessary to enlist the help of two other Scottish artists to take on much of the hand painting.

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