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bathroom cabinet - click to enlarge
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This newly-made bathroom cabinet was dragged in a soft apricot colour. The two door panels were painted in animal and plant motifs that echoed some areas of the room's wallpaper design.


tiled fireplace - click to enlarge

This 1930's tiled fireplace took on a new lease of life when it was painted. The ceramic tiles, originally a dull grey, were painted in alternate dark greens and yellow ochres. We then hand-painted a simple fleur-de-lis motif on the green tiles, finishing it off with a repeating renaissance pattern along the front. Finally, to give the impression of age, the paintwork was distressed.

Both the colours and patterns were influenced by a mirror frame on the facing wall.

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hall cupboard - click to enlarge
This hallway cupboard was made by a Scottish cabinetmaker. The panels were painted in a floral design on a cream background in a design inspired by Swedish pumpkin art. The rest of the cupboard was kept plain and painted in an Egyptian blue to match the wallpaper.
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Victorian trompe l'oeil cupboard - click to enlarge

This Victorian Cupboard had been kept unseen in a spare room by its owners for years; when redecorating their hallway they realised it was the perfect size for the area. Sadly, it was not in perfect shape - the wood was in very poor condition and had some nasty gashes in it.

We spent quite a bit of time restoring the cabinet; the panels in particular were time-consuming. We designed and painted them so that they would give a trompe l'oeil impression of a collection of Chinese blue and white ceramics sitting on shelves. The top of the cabinet was painted as if it was a grey and white marble and the rest of the cupboard was dragged with a soft grey effect. The subject was chosen because the owners have a real passion for blue and white china.

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